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Robins Ward

Level 1, Children's Hospital, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford


Parents are welcome to visit the ward at anytime, along with brothers and sisters, although it is requested that all children are supervised.

Other visitors are welcome until 7pm when children start going to bed.

Staying on the ward

You will be able to stay with your child. However there is only accommodation for one parent/carer. It would be helpful if you could bring a pillow and sleeping bag/duvet for your own use at night. There is a small locker and cupboard for your belongings.

Most beds have a Patient line unit which allows you to receive television, internet access and telephone calls at your bedside.

There is no charge for children to watch television. Charges are made for out going calls and internet usage. Mobile phones cannot be used in the ward for safety reasons, but you can use them in non-ward areas throughout the hospital and a payphone is available at the entrance to the ward.

Your child may like to bring in a favourite toy/blanket etc. We encourage you to do this but please make sure it is labelled with his/ her name.

You will also need to bring in nappies and toiletries for your child.

Food and drink

We do have some ready made formula milks (but not all varieties), so please contact us to make sure we have what you need. If not, you will need to bring an unopened tin of your own milk powder. A feed technician will prepare your feeds for you during your stay. Sterilisers are available for your use.

We have a limited choice of baby jar foods so if your baby has any favourites then it is a good idea to bring them in. There is also a daily menu, which your child can order from.

Facilities for parents

The Ronald McDonald House is a place where families can stay on-site while their children are being cared for at Oxford Children's Hospital.

Families sleeping next to their child on the ward or waiting for accommodation can also make use of the communal washing facilities available in the house. Please talk to your child's nurse about using the 'Ronald McDonald House Day Pass'.

More about Ronald McDonald House

All staff realise how stressful being in hospital is for you and your family. Please ask your child's nurse any questions you may have and he/ she will endeavour to help you. Our aim is to work with you to do the best we can for your child.

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Robins Ward
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