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Our Patient Stories

This section is about sharing your experiences to help other families who have babies born with cleft. If you have a story you would like us to include, please contact us.


Daisy's Story

What is that on your lip? That is the question I sometimes get asked! Lots of people that do not know me in the school and elsewhere, ask me what’s on my lip and I feel like I have to tell them. The scar above my lip is from when I was born.....
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Philippe's Story

I am Philippe and I'm 11 years old and go to Great Binfields Primary School. I am going to secondary school later this year. I am about to tell you some interesting stuff about me but I will warn you younger readers that you may not read this unless you have permission from your parents. Right now that is out of the way I'll start...
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claire, maynard, meg & Lucy williams

Lucy's Story

You never forget the moment you discover that your unborn baby is one of the anomalies that the 20 week anomaly scan is looking for. Having had a shaky start to my first pregnancy, we though that this time it was just going to be a case of finding out whether we were having a Mostyn or a Blodwyn...
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Debbie, Simon, Connor & Amber Ford

Amber's Story

Amber was born on Sunday 7th May 2006 and the first words Simon and I said to each other were "the lip is hardly noticeable" not "we have a daughter". The main concerns were over, she had a very small cleft lip, the gum and palate were not affected and Amber would be able to feed normally, no special bottles or teats…
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Theresa, Peter and Leah Garnett

Leah's Story

Leah Ellen Garnett finally arrived on 19 March 2004 at 12.08am after a 4 hour labour. I had gas and air as pain relief and had Leah in the birthing pool... a wonderful experience. She weighed in at a healthy 8lb 5.5 oz, with masses of hair and enormous blue eyes. She was truly beautiful with a cute little cleft lip…
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Charles' Story

I was 5 months pregnant when we found out that our son would be born with a cleft lip and palate. My whole world came to a standstill. I had worried about Spina Bifida, Down's Syndrome, Club foot but Cleft Lip & Palate was never on my mind. So, the 6 June came and we had a beautiful, slightly odd looking boy…
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