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Maria-Jane's Testimonial

Maria-Jane Sargeant, Age 11

My Operation

Hi Everyone!

My name is Maria-Jane Sargeant and I will be 11 in July.

The reason I am writing the letter is to tell you about my Alveolar bone graft. I went into hospital on 26th February 2006 and I had my operation 27th February.

Firstly the anaesthetist came to see me to explain what was going to happen in the anaesthetic room, and then the doctors came to see my parents and me and explained about the operation. They told us that they were going to take a piece if bone from my hip and put in my gum and also fill in a small hole in my palate.

At 11am I went down to theatre with my mum so she could be there when I went to sleep. The operation took about 2 hours and with recovery I was away from the ward about 4hours in total.

When I came back to the ward, the nurses made me feel comfortable they gave me a lot of pain killers just to make sure I would not be in pain.

When the doctors came round to see me afterwards they told us about the pack that was up my nose and a wound on my hip with a tube in it for pain relief. I was up and about the next day with no pain what so ever.

On Wednesday morning I had the nose pack taken out which didn't hurt at all and also the tube which was in my hip which also didn't hurt, the only thing that did hurt was when they took the plaster off my hand that had had the drip in it!

I've had no pain in my hip and I am walking around no problem, my mouth doesn't hurt either and the only thing I can not wait for is the swelling to go down on my face, which is will soon.

I went home on Thursday.

Good luck and take care.