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Robert's Testimonial

Robert Tollow, Age 14

My Stay in Hospital

Before I came into hospital I was feeling nervous of what everything was going to be like. I wasn't sure what was going to happen. When I came in for my pre operation assessment to look round, the hospital staff were very helpful because they explained all that was going to happen when I had my operation, and afterwards. This helped me feel calmer than I had been before.

When I came into hospital on the day of my operation, the nurses and doctors led me through everything so I knew what was going on all the time. They put some anaesthetic (numbing) cream on both of my hands and left it to take effect while I kept myself busy by reading a book. When I was ready to go up to the operating theatre, I had the option of either walking up there or riding up on my bed. I chose to walk so I could look around the hospital as I went up. When I reached the theatre reception, the anaesthetist led me into a room where I lay on a trolley. They cleaned the cream off my hands and put a canula (anaesthetic tube) into a vein in the back of one of my hands. I didn't feel anything because my hand was numb from the anaesthetic cream. Next, they injected some general anaesthetic into the canula and I soon fell asleep. I woke up a few hours later in the recovery room, although it only felt like a few minutes to me. After I woke up, the nurse asked me some questions about how I was feeling and then they took me down to my bed on the trolley I woke up on. When I reached my room, they moved me onto my bed where I slept for a while.

While I was recovering, my parents and the hospital staff looked after me. I thought the worst bit would be the pain, but in fact I was hardly ever in pain. If I was ever in pain, the nurses would come and help me with it straight away. They explained what was happening and why. For the first day I just stayed in bed, Except for getting up to go to the toilet. But as time went on, I got up and walked round a bit. While I was staying in the ward, I could listen to music or read to pass the time. When I felt well enough to get up, there was a choice of games in the play area to play with. Miles and Maggie, the ward teachers, helped to keep me occupied so I didn't get bored. Overall, everyone was very helpful in the way that they looked after me. Before I knew it, it was time to go home.