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Meet the Team

Children born with clefts may face multiple health problems. Experience has shown that these problems are best tackled by a team of specialists from many disciplines who work together with the family to provide for the social, emotional, psychological and educational needs of the child.

This means that when you visit us, you may find yourself in a room with lots of clinicians - this is quite normal and nothing to worry about.

Oxford Team

Ginette Phippen Marc Swan Nichola Hudson Jane Sibley Tina O'Neill lEmma Waterworthi Carrie Luscombe LucyMcAndrew Penny Lennox lLouise Dalton lMattHotton Giles Kidner Sandip Popat UshaKini

Salisbury Team

Ginette Phippen Marc Swan Steve Robinson Nichola Hudson Maureen Warren Sandra Treslove Louise Dalton Marcel Geyer Jim Baird

The Cleft Team

Each child will be under the care of a number of health care professional, these include:

Other Roles and Professions

Other health professionals can have an important role to play in the care of our patients. We often involve the following people: