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My Cleft Journey – Cameron Rose Taylor

My Cleft Story

This is my speech, my cleft journey.

It all started when I was in my mum’s tummy. Baby’s faces grow together from the back to front, but mine didn’t all form properly. It was a rush for my mum to get to the hospital. I was born so quickly that I was almost born in the car!

When I was little, I had to have special bottles, because I couldn’t suck. I had my first operation when I was only 14 weeks old.

My surgeon is called Mr Swan, and he is my hero.

My first operation was my lip and nose repair and when I was 11 months old, I had my second surgery to repair my palate. When I was three, I had grommets in my ears as I also had a hearing loss, but it is much better now. I have also had lots of speech therapy, talking X-rays and a camera up my nose.

I have had lots of medicines and stitches and I go to the hospital in Oxford a lot! Lots of people think I am very brave!

I have also raised money with my family for other children in other countries with clefts. My uncle even ran the London Marathon!

Did you know 1 in 700 babies are born with clefts!

I might have another surgery this year to close a hole in my palate. When I am about 10, Mr Swan is going to take some of my bone from my hip and put it in my gum. I will also have braces. Mr Swan says that he will give me a Hollywood smile!

After my surgeries, I will get to stay at home and watch TV for a couple of weeks and drink milkshakes!

Lots of people have helped me and my family like Emma the nurse, and Lynne who I do speech therapy with.

I have been looked after very well by the Spires team. I always get stickers from my appointments!

I am proud of having a cleft.

My mum worried so much when I was in her tummy, but she says I’m just amazing!

I have lots of friends, I work hard at school – I am in student council, and I was in the Wizard of Oz show last week!

I also do ballet and I play football and ice hockey.

When I grow up, I want to be a cleft surgeon, like Mr Swan.

Thank you for reading my cleft story.


Cameron Rose Taylor, age 7.

 Girl standing in front of an audience reading a story.

My Cleft Story