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Performance and evaluation

Annual Report

Below is a summary of multidisciplinary care for children and adults with cleft & non-cleft VPD, in the Spires region, Jan-Dec 2021. The full Spires Annual Report for 2021 can be found here: SPIRES Annual Report 2021_

Patient experience

In 2017 the Spires Cleft Centre worked with other cleft centres and the Cleft Registry and Audit Network (CRANE) to look at new ways of measuring the experiences of patients and parents / carers under the care of UK cleft teams.

This involved patients and parents / carers filling in questionnaires which were designed to let us know their thoughts and feelings about the care that they had received.

Some recent patient feedback that we’ve received post operatively includes:

Question: How has having the operation to help your talking made a difference to you?

Patient: “Great!”

“I was a little bit scared of talking so I sometimes didn’t speak (before my operation)… If I could go back in time, I would still have the operation to help my talking because I’m not scared anymore.”

The results of this project, along with information about the experiences of those under the care of the Spires Cleft Centre, can be found on the CRANE website – publications.


The Cleft Registry and Audit Network (database) collects information about children born with a cleft lip and / or palate in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each year CRANE carries out an audit of patient outcomes and team performance.

You can find a full version of the 2018 CRANE report, along with a summary of findings for patients and parents / carers, on the CRANE website – publications.