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Articulation Therapy

We use age-appropriate techniques to help your child learn new sounds and shape the air with their tongue and lips. If your child attends a nursery or school, we will often liaise with them to ensure your child has opportunities to practise their sounds in lots of different contexts.

When your child learns a new sound, they are encouraged to work through a sequence to help them embed this sound into their everyday talking and to change any words that they have learned differently. The sequence is typically as follows:

  1. Listening to the difference between the old sound and the new sound.
  2. Saying the new sound on its own.
  3. Using the new sound in short words.
  4. Using the new sound in nonsense syllables.
  5. Using the new sound in phrases / sentences.
  6. Using the new sound in a structured conversation.
  7. Using the new sound in spontaneous, everyday conversation.

Your speech and language therapist will guide you to move onto the next step as they feel your child is ready. They will work with you to support your child between appointments.