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Oxford Team Profiles: Administrative team

Children born with a cleft lip and / or palate may face multiple health problems. Experience has shown that these problems are best supported by a team of specialists from many disciplines who work together with the family to provide for the social, emotional, psychological and educational needs of the child.

This means that, when you visit us, you may find yourself in a room with lots of clinicians – this is quite normal and nothing to worry about. If you feel uncomfortable with so many people in the room, please don’t be afraid to request that only key members of the team remain.

Anna Talbert

I am the Clinical Support Assistant for the Spires Cleft Centre and the Oxford Craniofacial Unit. I’m here to support both teams by preparing clinics, updating patient records, communicating with patients and their families, as well as providing other general support where needed. Currently, I am a student at the University of Oxford, studying French […]

Roles / Teams: Speech and language therapists Administrative team

Steven Berry

I have worked in the Spires Cleft Centre team since 2008 and have been the Network Service Manager for both Oxford and Salisbury since 2019. I am currently involved in the day to day running of the Spires Cleft Service, both operationally and clinically.

Roles / Teams: Administrative team

Jade McKnight

I have worked in the Spires Cleft Centre team since 2016, and have been the Service Co-ordinator since September 2020. I manage the administrative team, and am closely involved in the day to day running of the Cleft Service.

Roles / Teams: Administrative team

Victoria Ludlow

As secretary in the Spires Cleft Centre team I am involved in the co-ordination of Mr Swan and Mr Popat’s clinics as well as carrying out other key administrative tasks.

Roles / Teams: Administrative team

Alison Prescott

I am involved in many of the administrative tasks required to support the Spires Cleft Centre team. I co-ordinate clinics and liaise with patients and families under the care of Mr Thorburn and Mr Kidner.

Roles / Teams: Administrative team